"Gotta Go" Dog Doorbell by Dogstar Pet Products

Gotta Go! The gotta have item for your canine friend.

Have you ever wanted your dog to have a new way to communicate? Well now there is a solution! The Gotta Go Button from Dogstar Pet Products solves the problems that come with your dog wanting to go outside. End the barking, scratching and whining with this fun new product! After a short training period of about a month, your pet can learn to use this button to signal you whenever they want to go outside! Imagine the fun you will have when the "I Gotta Go" rings throughout the house and you see you dog with their paw on the button. The I Gotta Go Button includes batteries and training instructions that will show how to teach your pet. We assure you that this product is safe and effective, which is why our dog uses one too.

Video Demonstration